domingo, maio 10, 2015


                                 I dont want to live in the past, but just it makes me happy.

Jacqueline Moraes


É o som da mare que esbarra em meus delírios matinais.
Na obscura sociedade manipuladora e egocentrica,

I remember when we were in front of the waves,
magical like her eyes and soul.
The blue sky and calm energy.
And she said ''go, go to far away and you will find what are you looking for, but dont mistake where is your way.''
- ''The life is like the waves, come and down. sometimes you feel relax like that and after few seconds you can feel they so rude like a truck. Carefull with people, places, so whatever that can defragment your soul or lose your mind.''
- Why are you telling me about it? Something bad will happen? - I asked.
- No, so depends.  But you know are you not her just cause the case. Can you feel?

Yes, she was right!

Jacqueline Moraes